Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mission for tomorrow

Hi there!

So, i'm not that busy today. Well, sort of. I was doing my Maths homework just now. It was well, Alhamdulillah it was fine.

On today's post is about something that i don't want to feel or anything

Here it goes...S

My life has been so stressed out lately, with schools, homework, and this year i'm the class monitor and fuhhh i have a lot of responsibilities. I tried to managed and alhamdulillah things are going fine, slowly. School has been very exhausting, as usual. But, i'm glad and grateful cause i went to school with a happy face, although i knew in the evening i will get tired and needed a long rest. I'm happy because my school gave us 6 days of school holidays. I have a lot of homework but insyaAllah its going to be just fine.

I missed shopping a lot, i missed going to H&M and see new incoming stocks or new outfits, new shoes and don't forget their begs too! I miss going to Sephora too! I'll try to force my mum tonight so that she will bring me to H&M and Sephora tomorrow cause the government gave the students 100 MYR and i'm going to use it wisely, by buying some useful products (LOL). Well, the thing is, i know my mum won't let me buying my skin products using her money so i decided to use my own pocket money!

*hoping that my mum will let me go out tomorrow*

So, tomorrow's missions are:

  • change bed sheets
  • sweep and vacuum my room
  • folded all of my clothes
  • buy useful products from Sephora and The Body Shop
  • continue doing my homework
Well, there you go! I hope i complete my mission.
That's for now, thank you for stopping by!


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