Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I did some beauty shopping
recently because, why not. No, not really actually. It's because I just want something that I've always wanted so I decided to splurged some things that I've been eyeing for awhile. It's going to be a haul this time, not a favourites, even though, some have just been my favourites (hehe). All of this products, I have used it and also for the shade. Just wanna let you guys know about how I feel for all the products that I am going to mention below. I'm gonna do a list so that you guys won't get confuse that much :-)                          

  1. Thayers - Rose Petal Toner
  2. Shade - Cotton On
  3. Velvet Vanity Liquid Lipstick - Libra Baby
  4. MAC - Whirl
  5. Origins - Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask
  6. MAC : Brozer - Give Me Sun
  7. Physicians Formula - Highlight
  8. Mario Badescu - Drying Lotion
  9. Clinique - Moisturizing Gel
  10. Becca Highlight - Champagne Pop
  11. Marc Jacobs - Eat Cake
  12. Tarte - Maracuja Oil
  13. Maybelline - Gel Liner         

1. The first one is this gorgeous Teal eye shadow from Urban Decay. I've worn it once and it is so beautiful. It is so eye catching. It may not be the colour that just can put it on everyday or your cup of tea but I love experimenting new shades and new colours. This shadow is suitable for any night out with your girlfriends, feeling really cool about yourself or you just wanna rock the hell out of yourself. This shade just automatically put your mood on and be a badass woman/lady.

2. This bronzer is my favourite! I don't know if you guys haven't try this out yet, if you haven't, please go and buy it NOW! This bronzer is from MAC - Give Me Sun. The name of this bronzer is actually so suitable of how you want to describe this bronzer. It just give you this sun kiss glow to your cheeks and you'll get that goddess look straight away. Highly recommend!

3. This highlight just give me life right now. It's from Physicians Formula and it is incredible!! It is so pricey though, even though it's from the drugstore but I feel like I'm paying for a high-en products sigh. But the quality of this bad boy, is VERY, VERY HIGH-EN. So, it is worth it. You can get this at Guardian. I bought mine in Guardian, Mid Valley. It's not sparkly which I love. It just gives you that glow.

4. This lipstick is from Marc Jacobs is very beautiful and moisturizing. It's not that pink. It's very natural and slightly pink, but you can work it out if you want that rosey lips. I sometimes apply this on my cheeks and it looks so lovely. This is my everyday go to lipstick now.

5. This is a Malaysian based brand I am so proud for this brand. I don't know the owner of this brand but this liquid lipstick from Velvet Vanity in the shade Libra Baby is gorgeous. It's like your everyday go to nude but have slightly peach undertones in it. It feels watery when you apply it and that makes it very comfortable to wear it. It just glides on so easily and last all day. You know sometimes they are liquid lipstick that just applies so roughly and sometimes it just feel uncomfortable on your lips, well this liquid lipstick is not. I highly recommend. I wore this to work one day, and I was surprised with the formula. You can buy this at their website Velvet Vanity.

6. This lipctick is from MAC in the shade Whirl. You know Kylie Jenner used to wear this. Well, I found it not suitable for me, I just dab it on my finger from the actual lipstick and just apply it on my lips and also my cheeks.

7. Jaclyn Hill did an amazing job creating a highlight with Becca. This highlight is called Champagne Pop. You guys may have known already. This is a gold highlight that just gives you that 'highlight on fleek' look.

8. I'm not a wing liner kind of girl but after I bought this Maybelline liner, I fell in love straight away and I love doing a wing now hehe.

10. I don't know what's the name of this palette but it is gorgeous. The reason I bought this is because I am into orange kinda look right now and I fell in love with the orange shade straight away. This palette is all matte and this is my current go to palette right now. It's from Stila, by the way!

11. This Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is for you pimple. You apply the pink fluid on your pimple and the magic will happen! I've been using it a lot lately when I see any pimple that wants to appear on my face.

12. Maracuja Oil from Tarte is the best!! I love to apply it when my face looking dull and tired. I apply this every night!

13. It is amazing for you pores! You can feel a bit tingling, not that much but I know it is working hehe. Love this so much!!

14. Last but not least, is this shade from Cotton On. Love how it just compliments every look or any outfit. It's so chic and it fits perfectly!

I hope you guys enjoy reading this! It took me hours just to get this blog post done and I am so proud and happy of how it turns out. Thank you so much!

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