Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Hello there beautiful human beings. As you probably may have already knew that I have been lacking with this blog, I didn't do this on purpose. It's just, time. Time to just sit and update you guys with a bunch of post and also an enjoyable to read rather than this post, that I am going to post after this. Work have been very fun lately because I have some new closest friends which are older than me but still enjoyable (hehe). The first person that I love and really adore and also really love (again) is Izza, which I called Kak Izza. She is very understanding, lovely to work with and also just accept you for who you are. The next person which is Ashraf, which I called him Acap a.k.a  Izza's boyfriend. He is also fun to hang out with and a very nice person. Next is Haidir, I have two mix feelings about this guy, he sometimes get mad (a lot) and sometimes a very nice one. Sometimes a very serious person when it comes to work, and sometimes he's ok. (lol) And then next is Pae, which I really love. She is more like a person who just never underestimate you and just being nice to you, all the time. Pae is older than me, of course. But, she treated me like I am a princess. She loves to call me that. She always smile when she saw me. She always help me with everything and also taught me a lot of things.

There is also one person that I dislike, it's not that I dislike him first, it's just that he dislike me first. And the way he treated me, like I am a stupid young, na├»ve girl who just simple no nothing. At first I was a bit frustrated but as soon as I realize that it is not worth it to be frustrated about that person who just thinks bad about you. Because you know that you work so hard and you earn money in a halal way and when people ask me to do things, I just never say "no" because that's how I am when I'm working. If someone dislike you that much, then just ignore it. Maybe him/her just dislike you when you work so hard. And he, my friend, always, I mean like always find something to just put me down. And I don't care, I used to, but not anymore.

Work have been really fun when Kak Izza, Acap, Haidir and Pae is around. They're like a family to me when at work, they're just always there to support me in any condition. Sometimes, work is really stress out, tiring and I didn't get to check my phone that much, but it is worth it sometimes when you get to surround yourself with people that you love. I'm going to miss them when I'm not working there anymore.

Me, Kak Izza, Acap and Haidir need to plan a getaway just the four of us because they're just simply the best.

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