Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, turning 16 and smokey eyes

Hi there

So, on today's post are going to be about my smokey eyes (well actually i don't know wether its a smokey eyes but i hope you guys enjoy it anyway) and something about this upcoming New Year.

As you guys can see up there, at the title. Smokey eyes? Well, actually, i know a little about make up, i've being doing a lot of research about the skin, the colour, the brand, the foundation and so on. I get too excited well i'm just joking, i got really excited, like really really excited when it comes to make up. For example, i went to Sephora today and i saw this Urban Decay eye shadow primer, the Tarte foundation, the Sephora make up brushes, the lipstick, the lipgloss and so on. I watched Jaclyn Hill make up tutorial, she's a makeup artist and i love her so much. Every look that she did is awesome and easy to understand, and she's not that show off, she's so sweet and easy to understand. If you girls, out there, and still a beginner about make up just like me, you can search her video on YouTube, she will help you with type of brushes that you need and so on. So, don't worry, you pretty girls out there!

And here are some of my looks for this last day 2013,

There you go, my look!

Anyway, i just wanna wish to you all people out there, Happy New Year.

This year has been one amazing and challenging journey to me. I learn the best from the best. I just wanna thanked to Allah, my family and my friends for the wonderful support, the love, the tears, everything!

My 2013 has been an amazing journey, through ups and downs, i learn something along the way, i learn that 'think positive and be thankful' are something important. I was sad, and that is absolutely normal but in the end, i am happy. I'm happy because, my mum, my dad and my little brother are here with me and don't forget Allah SWT too.
I found this amazing guy which is my best friend from the start when we knew one another. He is special and i just thanked to Allah for giving him to me. I couldn't describe how much happy i am when i'm with him, well of course he didn't know that but one day he will, InsyaAllah. He has been there for me, support me and never stop loving me, Alhamdulillah.
So, this is for you guys.
I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings, everything! I just wanna thank to you guys for reading my blog and never stop reading it. You all are the best and don't forget that! I hope you all people out there are having a lot of fun this 2013 and may your 2014 turns out to be pretty amazing, InsyaAllah. Just remember guys, don't be sad, be happy cause remember that your family loves you and they just want the best for you and be cool, chill. Have a lot of fun, everyone!
Happy New Year!
Pray for my success in everything!

I love you all!
I'm turning 16 in 2 days!

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