Monday, December 30, 2013

Make up, school, birthday

Hey there everyone!

Wow! School starts about 4 days from now and here i am feeling so excited.

Well, its because my birthday of course and i just miss the books, the classroom and all. My birthday is on the second of January which is on Thursday and i am so excited and on Saturday i am going to watch Believe Movie, i am so excited cause watching Believe Movie is actually my birthday present and yeah of course i love Justin.

Well, i don't know if i am ready to go to school but i wanna make things right, that's all. I have promised myself i wanna change and i wanna make parents proud, InsyaAllah.


I bought something girly for school last week and i am so super excited to go to school with it! Let me show you the picture!

I bought this beautiful Barbie beg with its pencil case!

Well, this is actually a cupcake lip balm, my aunt bought it from Korea plus i'm not going to bring it to school of course.

And, thanks to my cousin, Danial for this photo!

And, this photo is when i was practicing my eye studio. I just love make up so much.

My hijab is from: @Red_Stella_
You can find her on Instagram, she sell so many beautiful hijab such as shawls and all!

I'm turning 16 in 4 days!
Thank you!

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