Monday, September 15, 2014

Heart to heart.

Hello there cute bunnies!
How are you all spending the holidays? Yes, i know. Its school holidays and here i am writing in front of my mirror, sending you positive vibes!

I wanted to go for a jog but ended up being lazy after a tired day in the house, cleaning and doing some chores.

A lot of amazing things happened to me lately.

Ok guys, time for some emotional post. I wanted to post something different today. Heart to heart.

What i've been seeing around me lately is, i found new friends. New best friends. New lives. New adventures. Like, when i was at a wedding that i posted on my previous post, i realize something. Something huge. Something that i was so shocked about it. I found new best friend that keeps me updated and sending me homework from school through whatsapp and wished a good morning wish before headed out to school. And the other day i had a little fight with my best friend at school and after school ended, she keeps on texting me and say how sorry she were and she never stop sending me a lot of our photos and all that. And then, i realize that i don't wanna lose her and i have to make an effort to make our friendship ok again. And i replied saying how sorry i was and acted like a child or something and she said that "i assume you like my best friend." and i was so touched by her words and wanted to give her a big hug and how grateful i am that i found a friend that wanted me to be their best friend, that wanted me to be around them. I want to cherish that moment forever and that is actually my first time someone has ever said anything that made my heart melt so much.

What happen to your old friends Thahirah? Well, the truth is i don't really know. I don't really know how to act like myself again when i'm around them. I don't know if my words actually meant something for them anymore. I don't know. They come and they go just like that. They comment at each other's photos but not at my photos. I'm not asking for a fame right here. I don't even bother if anyone doesn't comment on my photos. What bothers me actually is when someone that i cared and loved so much doesn't comment on my photos. I usually comment on their photos but i stopped because i remember what my mum used to say something to me. She said "if someone doesn't make any effort to us, just let it go." And my mum was right. I created a group on whatsapp, just because i wanted to keep us updated with each other but they wanted me to ask something first instead of them saying "hey how's it going" or anything. They wanted me to make the first move.

I dislike people when they had a rough times and then they will come and look for us again. I dislike that. That is not friendship. Friendship is supposed to be like cared for one another and all that. I know when i posted this they will say "have you read thahirah's blog? sampai hati dia cakap macam tu. Dah lah weh biar lah dia." Biar lah dia? Yes, biar lah thahirah. Just let me go. After everything i did for you. I gave you so many advise and listened to your love problems and problems at school and belanja you makan and that. Staying up late for your birthdays. Everything! If you want me to take care of your feelings, then i will. But what about me? I know that i'm not that clever. But i promised you one thing. I promised that i will help the world. Become a fashion stylist and help poor people. Give them money. Post a lot of photos on my Instagram. Give money to charity. Keep on singing. Keep on inspire people. I have many goals now. I learnt something when i turned 16. I learned that "people come and go and one day someone that actually cared about you will come and Allah will help you in every single ways" Amin. Thank you for those who stayed and thank you for those who left. You guys made me learned something. People who left made me even stronger to face the world. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you for reading guys!

Your truly

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