Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shupette and Victoria Secret

Well hello there! I'm back with some fresh new post!

If you guys followed me on Instagram, i've posted a photo about Victoria Secret's fantasy bras and new collection of Shu Uemura with the amazing and talented designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Yes, there will be two fantasy bra's on the runway this year. I'm sure that Victoria Secret's die hard fans will be so excited to watch it this December. Each bras worth $ 2 Million. I know. I was shocked. Each bra included more than 16 000 rubies, diamonds, and blue sapphires. These lovely bras are just so beautiful. Just look at it. Look! The gorgeous fantasy bras also gonna worn by Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. I cannot wait for the show! I'm pretty sure its gonna be amazing. And i also cannot wait to watch the models with their amazing bras!

The new collection of Shupette by Karl Lagerfel is so cute! Karl Lagerfeld named this collection by his cat named, Choupette. I haven't buy anything from their collection, maybe i will soon. Hopefully. I've been very busy and i don't actually have time to go out. Yes, its sad. But if you wanna know all about their new collection, you can go and watch at Soothing Sista video on YouTube because she have all the answers! Here's the link, SoothingSista

I am actually a big fan of Soothing Sista and her best friend, Jenn, which i'm going to give you guys her link right here click here They two have an amazing taste of fashion, from something chic and edgy.

Ok guys, that's for today! Hope you guys like it and learn something today hehehe.

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