Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello there! I know, i'm really sorry. Excuse me of my absents these few days. I just finished my finals hehe. Yes, i have been very busy and so stressed out for my finals these couple of days, i just don't know why. Pimples have been very not cute lately, and last night i just had my fourth or third pimple if i'm not mistaken, which is really stressing me out.

It's been a long 3 weeks. And now i'm back on focusing for my makeup, skin and fashion, of course. School has been tough. I just can't wait for the holidays. I had enough, i guess. My classmates has been stressing me out. I'm the monitor of the class, so i have to handle the class very well. Which means, there must be no noise, no eating in the class (which i always did hehe), don't let my classmates being rude to the teachers, EVERYTHING! I just hate being a class monitor, it is so hard. Some of my classmates couldn't stop talking and making noise. How am i gonna take care of 31 human being in that class? 31 against 1? Woah that's horrible. ZIP! Enough with school!

Anyway guys, have you heard about the new collection of Alexander Wang x H&M? The collection was intense! It was amazing. I saw the show on The Star, my cousin showed it to me and i screamed! The collection is about a gym wear but still wearable. Alexander Wang did a very great job. I am so so so speechless. I haven't buy anything from their collection yet because of my finals. They launched 6 November, if i'm not mistaken and i heard that H&M lot10 was full with people running, grabbing and buying their collection. It was.... i just don't know to say..... it was......woah......honestly, i was shocked. 

Alexander Wang

But, i'm planning to buy it next week, so i am pretty excited. I cannot tell you guys what i am going to buy. So, you must stay tune till next week, hehe. I will show it to you guys the full outfit, so don't worry. Like for example how i style it, how i create my makeup look and all that good stuff, so, don't you worry guys! 

Anyway guys, i need to know what post should i write soon? Please leave me a comment down below or tweet me at thahirahyusri or comment on my Instagram, thahirahyusri of what should i write soon beside my October Favorites post and about this Alexander Wang fashion post which i'm about to write pretty soon. 

That's for now guys, i hope i keep you guys updated about my daily life.
Have a wonderful day! Keep on smiling! 

Yours truly

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